Female Players of Canon Yaounde Stage Protest

April 10, 2023, was a day set aside by the female players of Canon Yaounde, who staged a peaceful protest at the headquarters of their Guinness Superleague management body.

Female Players of Canon Yaounde Stage Protest

Female Players of Canon Yaounde Stage Protest

Cameroon women's top-flight championship side, Canon of Yaounde, due to their absence in more than two league games at the beginning of the season, were thrown out of the championship by the homologation and disciplinary commission of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT).

The decision prescribed by article 93 of the FECAFOOT disciplinary code demoted Canon of Yaounde by two divisions.

The championship side cited a lack of licenses as the cause of their absence.

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The players of Canon Yaounde assembled yesterday, April 10, 2023, at the hippodrome neighborhood to voice their grievances carrying placards with different messages such as:

"FECAFOOT, we have legitimacy; please schedule our games."

"The Footballers want to play, please."

"Synafoc, please help us get our salaries."

"The organizers, please schedule our games."

Female Players of Canon Yaounde Stage Protest

The games of the historic side Canon of Yaounde were forfeited, but an appeal was made over the decision, and some sources claimed it was positive. But this is yet to be seen by the federation and league management. 

Currently, 12 games have been played so far in the Guinness Superleague, but the players and fans of the championship side hope their team can be restored, reasons why they staged the protest.

The Canon of Yaounde Female side suspension leaves the championship with 11 clubs participating.

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