MTN Elite One: Northwest Fans Displeased with FECAFOOT

Football Fans supporting PWD Social Club and Young Sports Academy Bamenda are up in arms against FECAFOOT, declaring their intention to withdraw from the MTN Elite One Championship.

The iconic clubs from the Northwest region expressed dismay over the unfulfilled commitment made by FECAFOOT to construct a modern stadium at the start of their 2021 mandate. This failure has prevented them from hosting matches on their home turf.

MTN Elite One: Northwest Fans Displeased with FECAFOOT

The absence of a proper venue has forced home games to be relocated from the Young Sports Academy Arena in Mile 6 Bamenda to the Bamendazi stadium in Bafoussam, leaving loyal local supporters unable to witness matches live.

YOSA's management penned a letter to Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute, highlighting the challenges they face due to the stadium issue and threatening to exit the championship unless their matches return home or a stadium is constructed.

PWD Bamenda's traveling fans also voiced their discontent, emphasizing the vital role of home support for their team. They firmly rejected the notion of playing matches away from their home stadium.

The performances of both the Abakwa boys and The Yellow Submarines have suffered notably in the past three years, partly attributed to the absence of home support. Moreover, both teams have been on the receiving end of questionable refereeing decisions in their recent games.

The suspension of match official Tchouta Paul for the PWD VS Astres game by the president of the Referee Appointment Commission underscores the perceived bias against these teams.

President Chi Chinda Mitterrand Francois of YOSA conveyed a strong message to the Prime Minister, affirming their stadium's readiness to host home matches. However, if they are still unable to play at home by the second round of the championship, they will opt out of the tournament.

MTN Elite One: Northwest Fans Displeased with FECAFOOT

Northwest Clubs Update

In summary, PWD has secured 2 wins, 4 draws, and 3 losses after 9 matches, amassing 10 points. Meanwhile, YOSA has clinched 2 wins, 2 draws, and 4 losses, gathering 8 points, which does not reflect these teams' performances prior to the change of stadium. 

As the first round of the Elite One Championship edges towards its closure on November 27, 2023, and with the second round scheduled to kick off on December 6, 2023, North West fans are eagerly anticipating an accelerated resolution from FECAFOOT.

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