Kylian Mbappe Makes Big Decision in Favor of Cameroon

Kylian Mbappe is set to make a big decision in favor of Cameroon as the French football star is pictured at the Cameroon Embassy in France.

Kylian Mbappe Makes Big Decision in Favor of Cameroon

Kylian Mbappe Makes Big Decision in Favor of Cameroon

The news broke on Monday, 26th June, that French sports super Stars Kilian Mbappe and Joakim Noah were securing a portion of land for the construction of an Olympic Complex in the Lekie, a locality in the Centre region of Cameroon.

What Has Been Said?

The colossal project, which will extend over 70 hectares, will be erected in the district of Obala precisely, in the village of Bilone near Mbele, and is expected to create about 2000 jobs.

The intended site has already been visited by Fayza Lamari, mother of the former Monaco prodigy, and Yannick Noah, father of former Red Bull defender Joakim. The Minister of State Property, Surveys, and Land Tenure accompanied the pair. 

Considering His Algerian roots, Mbappe could have well taken such a colossal initiative to the Land of his mother, but the decision to carry out the project in Cameroon is a massive plus for the land of his father.

Kylian Mbappe, whose father is a former footballer, was seen on the premises of the Cameroon Embassy in France some days ago, images which excited many Cameroonians, raising curiosity as to what his mission to the embassy could be.

Negotiations are expected to be concluded soon, which could see the two superstars of Cameroonian descent visiting Cameroon in the days or weeks ahead.

The road to the realization of this dream is not without some challenges, but inhabitants of the locality will be hopeful that this wonderful project sees the light of day for the good of Cameroon and its people.

Kylian Mbappe has been involved in many heartwarming acts of humanity through his Charity, the KM Foundation, but this will be the biggest and perhaps most significant contribution to society yet.

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