Most Popular Football Academies In Cameroon

There are many football academies in Cameroon, some famous, some not so much. In this article, we will take a look at the most popular football academies in Cameroon.

Most Popular Football Academies In Cameroon

Most Popular Football Academies In Cameroon

Italians call it Calcio, Americans call it soccer, the Dutch call it voetbal, and in Zulu, it is called ibhola lezinyawo. Whatever the name, the sport known as football in England is by far the most popular sport globally. 

Millions of young boys and girls dream of becoming professional football players, hoping to light up our screens and championships with their talents. 

So many global soccer stars and countless National heroes started their careers in football academies, including Legends like Samuel Eto'o, Eric Djemba Djemba, and Geremi Njitap.

Which are the Most Popular Football Academies in Cameroon?

1. Ecole De Football Des Brasseries Du Cameroun (DOUALA)

By far the most renowned Football Academy in Cameroon, the EFBC has consistently produced big players who went on to do great things in the football world, both locally and Internationally,  from Africa's most outstanding football export to the emblematic Captain of the Indomitable Lions, Rigobert Song.

Geremi Njitap, Pierre Wome Nlend, Olembe Solomon, and the current Indomitable Lions Captain Vincent Aboubakar are other big names who learned their trade in the Ndokoti-based training center. 

One peculiarity about the SABC- run academy is the fact the academy is tuition-free.

The academy, created in 1989, continues to be the reference for football academies in Cameroon. This academy has three age groups; U14, U16, and U18.

The duration of training is usually 6 years.


Another famous football academy in Cameroon is the Kadji Sports Academy. This academy was founded by Cameroon's Late Billionaire, Joseph Kadji Defosso has produced Stars like Stephane M'bia, Modest M'bami, and Eric Djemba Djemba. 

KSA is built on a 40-hectare estate with facilities for other sports like basketball, volleyball, etc. 

Located in Douala, the Kadji Complex has a dormitory, a well-equipped gym, and a semi-Olympic swimming pool. There is also a school and tennis courts, among other facilities. 

Kadji Sports Academy is located in the Bekoko neighborhood on the outskirts of Douala. Kadji Sports Academy was created in 1995.


The National football academy, better known by its French acronym ANAFOOT, was created in 2014 to have a state-owned football structure for the identification, follow-up, and development of football in Cameroon. 

The structure has many products plying their trade in several ELITE ONE and ELITE TWO clubs in Cameroon. 

Examples are Ning Che of PWD Bamenda and Che Randy Nji and Simon Pierre Ntomb, who were part of the Canon team that finished third in the MTN ELITE ONE Championship last season. 

In fact, the National Football Academy, headquartered in Yaounde,  has also produced several top female footballers like Suzy Mbianji of Amazone FAP. ANAFOOT is developing football talent from the Under 13 level in the male and female discipline.


The most prominent female football academy in Cameroon, Louves MINPROFF, has produced many top female footballers in Cameroon. 

The Yaounde-based club is named after the Country's Ministry of Women Empowerment and the family. 

The She-wolves are credited for training former Lioness goalkeeper Anette Ngo Ndom and current Indomitable Lionesses captain Gabrielle Aboudi Onguene, amongst a handful of other female professional footballers.

Other academies, like SIMS of Baffoussm, Social du Mbam, and Ajsac of Douala, are also doing impressive work in detecting and developing talent in this category.


Created in 2016 by Djoufack Saturnin, Best Stars Academy has established itself as a promising powerhouse for talent development in Cameroon. 

A former professional, The founder whose playing career was cut short by injury had a passion for talent development, pushing him to set up a football Academy in a City he considers home. 

Competing with more established teams like Victoria United and Njalla Quan Sports Academy, Best Stars Academy has held its own and produced excellent footballers at all levels of football development. 

Indomitable Lions midfielder Kunde Malong is the most prominent product, but Best can also boast of some exceptional prospects like 2019 U -17 AFCON-winning goalkeeper Ekoi Manfred. Nji Kevin, Ayuk Cosmas, and Ofon Fabrice have also represented Cameroon at the Youth level.

Final words

As mentioned earlier, there are scores of other football academies throughout Cameroon. Still, we have selected the most popular Academies, especially those with a track record of producing players who have gone on to achieve big things. 

There are also newly created academies like Real Foot Academy, African Football Academy of Douala, FC  Bamenda, and many others.

Nonetheless, some football academies in Cameroon have become dormant or less productive but still deserve some mention when talking about football academies in Cameroon. 

The likes of Fundesport, Apejes De Mfou, and Njalla Quan Sports Academy fall in this category. 

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