How to Register a Football Academy in Cameroon

There are many football academies in Cameroon, some famous, some not so much. This article will explain how to register a football academy in Cameroon.

Football ( or soccer) is by far the most popular sport globally. Millions of young boys and girls dream of becoming professional football players, lighting up our screens and championships with their talents. 

Cameroon is included. In fact, the country of Samuel Eto'o, Roger Milla, and Bell Joseph Antoine is one of the most famous football Nations in Africa.

How to Register a Football Academy in Cameroon

Many investors and potential investors are getting involved in the creation and running of football academies year in, year out. So read on if you would love to register a football academy in Cameroon.

How to Register a Football Academy in Cameroon

What is a Football Academy?

A football academy is any facility that trains young footballers to develop their skills and knowledge of the game. Besides the sporting objectives, a football academy aims at helping the athlete to develop to their full potential. This includes other aspects like educational and personal evolution and growth.

Registration of a football academy in Cameroon involves three major requirements: 
  1.  Administrative Requirements
  2. Sporting and Technical Requirements
  3. Financial Requirements

1. Administrative Requirements

The administrative procedure is usually a lengthy and demanding process. It starts with a request for recognition of existence from the state through sub-divisional, divisional, and regional authorities. 

Every football academy must be affiliated with FECAFOOT, so the administrative procedure also involves applying for accreditation from FECAFOOT.

The documents required are:
  • Application for the creation of a football academy
  • copy of the statutes (bye-laws) of the academy
  • Names, functions, and occupations of the academy executives
  • copy of internal rules and regulations of the academy
  • List of members of the coaching staff and their functions
  • minutes of the General Assembly minute of the members of the board of directors
  • location plans of all the structures and facilities associated with the academy
  • Certificate of Morality for all executives

2. Sporting And Technical Requirements

The sporting and technical requirements focus on the ability of the football academy to train the candidates under their care. This involves specifying the different levels of age groups trained in the academy. 

It also involves the availability of licensed coaches for the different age groups, football pitches, and sporting equipment like footballs, cones, bollards, jerseys, etc.

3. Financial Requirements

This is one of the most essential requirements when creating a football academy. The investor(s) must show clear proof that they are financially capable of running the football academy. This financial proof will also show clearly the sources of the finances and how they will be used. as of 2023. 

Cameroon's football federation,  FECAFOOT, has made available subsidies to amateur clubs and football academies involved in the training of amateur footballers. Also, the ELITE clubs in Cameroon receive the sum of  5 million francs yearly as subsidies for their youth academies.

Final words:

So there we are! The procedure and requirements on how to register a football academy in Cameroon. Since it is usually a long and complicated matter, promoters of football academies are usually given the go-ahead to run their academies as soon as they engage in obtaining authorization. 

Having authorization will permit the academy to benefit from any future sales of one of its products, as well as take part in any negotiations involving players of the academy.

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