How to Become a Licensed FIFA Football Agent in Cameroon & Abroad

In Cameroon, players cannot use agents when negotiating their club contracts. To become a Licensed Football Agent, you must focus on the international market. 

Nonetheless, negotiating contracts for players on a global level is a challenging task, with a vast number of failed attempts. In reality, only a tiny percentage of these attempts are successful.

How to Become a Licensed FIFA Football Agent in Cameroon & Abroad

How to Become a Licensed Football Agent in Cameroon

The primary objective is to transfer players from Cameroon and other West African countries to clubs in Europe and other parts of the world. As a result, both the athlete and their agent may face significant pressure. 

In most cases, the agent is the one who is accused and counter-accused, making the situation quite stressful. 

The agent’s livelihood depends on the commission they earn from their client’s contract performance. So, convincing the player that their best interests are being taken care of is crucial.

Professionals widely agree that players require agents to navigate their professional lives, and large transfer deals would only be possible with them. 

Football agents do more than just introduce players to clubs and negotiate deals for a commission; they have enormous potential. 

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Nowadays, a player’s agent handles their financial, legal, and public relations needs and any endorsement deals with prominent brands. 

How to Become a Licensed Football Agent in Cameroon

If an agent relies entirely on a player and that player goes on to become a superstar, the agent can look forward to a lucrative career. 

However, without a valid license from the Cameroon Football Federation (CAF), your efforts to transfer a player may be in vain, as you won’t be recognized during negotiations and may not be able to earn a fair commission. 

Since 2001, each member country’s national Football Association has been responsible for providing agent licenses, and Cameroonian license applicants must submit an application, a resume, and the FECAFOOT enrollment fee.

Requirements to Become a FIFA Football Agent in Cameroon

Requirements to Become a FIFA Football Agent in Cameroon

  • An Applicant must not hold a position as an official employee of FIFA, CAF, FECAFOOT, or any organization connected to the mentioned establishments and entitles.
  • Applicant shouldn’t have any criminal record for financial or violent crimes.
  • Applicants must have made no false, misleading, or incomplete statements in their application.
  • Applicants must not hold, either personally or through their Agency, any interest in a club, academy, league, or Single-Entity League.
  • An applicant must hold a Cameroonian international passport and should have vastly traveled abroad.
  • In the twenty-four months before the submission of a license application, an applicant must never have been found performing Football Agent Services without the required license.
  • In the 12 months before/after submitting a license application, an applicant must not have held any interest in any entity, company, or organization that brokers, arranges, or conducts sports betting activities whereby a wager is placed on the outcome of a sporting event to win money.

Written Exam

If your application satisfies the required criteria, FECAFOOT will invite you to take a written examination. 

FECAFOOT conducts exams twice a year, as per FIFA’s schedule. The examination typically consists of  20 multiple-choice questions designed to evaluate your knowledge of various aspects:
  • It is essential to thoroughly understand current football regulations, particularly those related to the transfer market.
  • Knowledge of civil law (Basic principles of personal rights) and Contract law (Law of obligations).
Once an applicant has successfully passed the exam, they are required to pay the annual license fee to FIFA. This fee must be paid within ninety days of passing the exam. 

If they fail to do so, their application will be automatically declared void.

How to Apply to Become a Licensed FIFA Football Agent in Cameroon

You can apply to become a licensed FIFA Football player agent in Cameroon by submitting a complete license application through the FIFA Agent Platform.

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