FECAFOOT organizes First-Ever FIFA Football Agents' Exam

The Cameroon Football Federation, FECAFOOT, has overseen the organization of the first-ever FIFA football Agent's examination in Cameroon.

FECAFOOT organizes First-Ever FIFA Football Agents' Exam

FECAFOOT Organizes First-Ever FIFA Football Agents' Exam

The exam was written on the 19th of April 2023, at the premises of HOTEL SUITA in Yaounde. The exam was initially scheduled to take place in the premises of the FECAFOOT headquarters but was moved to Hotel Suita, which was considered a more suited environment.

FECAFOOT organizes First-Ever FIFA Football Agents' Exam

Who is a Football Agent?

A football agent is a representative and intermediary who handles a player's or multiple players' interests. They make procurements on the players' behalf and negotiate employment and endorsement deals. To be a FIFA football agent, you must first fulfill the accreditation requirements via the FIFA Agents platform. If your application is successful, you will be invited to sit the FIFA Football Agent Exam.  

You can freely choose at which member association you want to take the exam. It should be noted that this is the first time the FIFA agent Examination has been written in Cameroon. In the past, Cameroonians wishing to become football agents had to travel out of the country and take the exam under that country's football federation.

According to FIFA's official website, the exam lasts 60 minutes and comprises twenty multiple-choice questions designed to test your knowledge of FIFA regulations and the football transfer system. The pass mark is 75%. You have to bring your own laptop and provide your own internet connection to take the exam. 

When will the next FIFA Football Agents Exams be held?

There will be two FIFA football agent exams held in 2023; the first on the 19th of April and the other on the 20th of September. (source: FIFA.COM)

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