🚨 🚨BREAKING NEWS: Important Clause in FECAFOOT /1XBET Partnership Revealed!

The Cameroon Football Federation, FECAFOOT, signed a historic partnership with global sports betting company 1xbet. The 3-year agreement was officialized at the Yaounde Hilton Hotel last Friday, June 30th.

BREAKING 🚨 🚨 : Important Clause In FECAFOOT /1XBET Partnership Revealed!

🚨 🚨BREAKING  NEWS: Important Clause in FECAFOOT /1XBET Partnership Revealed!

Celine Eko, first vice president Of FECAFOOT, signed on behalf of the federation, while Nbienou Steven Rodrigue, director general of 1xbet Cameroon, signed on behalf of the sports betting giants.

Although details of the official figures are yet to be communicated, some vital information has started filtering out through trusted sources.

According to Richard Naha, one such detail is a clause in the contract stating that 1xbet will not include any games concerning the local championships in their betting markets.

These abstentions will involve all competitions and games organized by FECAFOOT.

It is also rumored that Club presidents, football players, officials, and other football-related personnel will be prohibited from participating in sports betting to reinforce existing regulations.

This information is a welcome relief, especially to football fans who had expressed concern about the nature of the partnership between the football federation and its new partner.

What Are The Details of The Contract?

Other aspects of the newly signed contract are:

-The partnership shall be valid for 3 years

-1xbet becomes the official partner of the ELITE ONE and ELITE TWO championships

- 1xbet has also become the sponsor of the men's and women's National football teams. 

What Next For FECAFOOT?

The MTN ELITE ONE, ELITE TWO, and Guinness Super League have all come to a close. However, FECAFOOT is still actively involved with on and off-the-field business, particularly the Mini-Interpools, which are ongoing. 

The ten Regional League champions will compete at the National Interpools in the days ahead, where they will battle for promotion into the ELITE TWO Championship. 

The ELITE ONE and TWO seasons' restart is programmed for September 2023.

While the National team can look forward to a crucial AFCON 2023 qualification game on September 4th, 2023.

Cameroonian football fans will be hoping the partnership with 1xbet brings better fortunes to Cameroon football as the current executive committee of the federation continues its quest for the modernization of football in Cameroon.

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