NWRFL: Bafmeng United FC crushes Tubah United to book a Spot at the Finals

Ndeghum Spear's Bafmeng United FC emerged victorious over Tubah United with a score of 3-1 in the second leg of the North West Regional League semi-finals. 

The match was held at the University of Bamenda Olympic Stadium, which drew an audience of around 400 people. 

The match, which was anticipated to be a close contest, proved to be a one-sided affair in favor of the lemon green team. Daniel Song, Dauda Yukubu, and Briand Atanga took turns scoring goals and easily overpowered their opponents. 

NWRFL: Bafmeng United FC crushes Tubah United to book a Spot at the Finals
Photo Credits: Afeseh Apong

During the game, Tubah United presented some challenges that the Bafmeng team eventually overcame. 

Although Tubah managed to score a goal from a penalty kick by player Akum Ruben in the 90th minute, it was not enough to secure a victory.

How Did Bafmeng United FC Reach the Finals?

Bafmeng United FC faced a tough challenge in their bid to qualify for the final stage of the North West Mini-Interpols, being placed in a highly competitive group within the NorthWest Regional Football League (NWRFL). 

Despite being considered an underdog, they persevered and gave it their all.

In Pool B, Bafmeng United played alongside strong teams like the legendary Bang Bullet of Nkambe, Nso United, The Young Tacticians of Options Sports FC, Benakuma FC, and newcomers Grace of Hope FC.

How Did Bafmeng United FC Reach the Finals?

Over 5 days of play in the group stage, Bafmeng FC won 2 games, drew 3, and earned 9 points. They secured a comfortable 2nd place ranking, surpassing Nso United. 

In the quarter-finals, Bafmeng United faced off against Rockland FC and emerged victorious with an aggregate score of 3-2. They then went on to defeat the league's host team, Tubah United. 

What is Next For Bafmeng United FC?

The team dressed in lemon green will be competing against Bang Bullet in the final round of the NWRFL on Sunday, July 9, 2023, at the University of Bamenda Olympic Stadium. 

Coach Tama Wango and his team are determined to break the winning streak of the favored team in the league (Bang Bullet), hoping to secure a place at this year's Interpol.

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  1. My wish is to see Bafmeng United FC in the Elit 1 in future, the team has stood the test of time

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