MTN Elite One: Canon Sportif Stuns Bamboutos in Extra Time During Match Day 7

Canon Sportif of Yaoundé crafted a thrilling 3-3 draw against Bamboutos FC in extra time, denying the Mbouda boys a victory on their home soil during the Day 7 encounter.

After falling behind by two goals, the Kpakum boys (Canon Yaoundé) seized control four minutes before the final whistle, scoring two goals to secure the draw, sending shockwaves across the Mbouda Municipal Stadium.

MTN Elite One: Canon Sportif Stuns Bamboutos in Extra Time During Match Day 7

Canon scored in the 39th minute with a stunning goal from Thorgan Essiane. Bamboutos quickly turned the tide as Katche Boris completed a hat-trick. By the 30th minute of the second half, Bamboutos had complete control of the game, seemingly on track for a victory under coach Emmanuel Ndoumbe.

The stadium fell silent during extra time when Canon scored two swift goals, courtesy of Eyango Priso and Edoa Guy, making the match a thrilling draw.

Canon has struggled to secure a win since Matchday 3, with 2 wins, 3 draws, and one loss. Meanwhile, Bamboutos has won 5 games, drawn once, and suffered one loss.

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Match Day 7 Results:

  • Gazelle 1-1 As Fortuna
  • Les Astres 1-1 Union Douala
  • Aigle Royal 2-2 PWD Bamenda
  • Victoria United 2-2 UMS Loum
  • YOSA 3-1 Fauve Azur
  • Dynamo 1-1 Colombe
  • Avion 1-1 Apajes
  • Starde Renard 1-0 Fovu
  • Canon Yaoundé 3-3 Bamboutos

Up Next (Fixtures):

Canon Yaoundé aims to return to the winning ways as they host Aigle Royal of Mongo. Meanwhile, Bamboutos will face a fierce encounter against Colombe of Dja and Lobo on Match Day 8.

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