Goalie of Renaissance of Ngoumou Gets 15 Match Ban

Jean-Paul Ndongo, the goalie for Renaissance of Ngoumou, was given a suspension by the homologation and disciplinary commission of the Cameroon football federation (FECAFOOT) on March 21 for assaulting the referee during their match on Match Day 13 earlier this year.

After the game's final whistle, Mr. Bah was lynched because he made calls that affected the result.

According to the commission, Renaissance number 12, dismissed during the incident, will be suspended for an extra 15 games for violating article 12 subsection one of the game's laws.

Goalie of Renaissance of Ngoumou Gets 15 Match Ban

Goalie of Renaissance of Ngoumou Gets 15 Match Ban

"The Committee, ruling on homologation and discipline, and with the unanimous consent of the members present - Declared that Renaissance FC De Ngoumou player Paul Jean Ndongo, number 12, was guilty of the offense of improper conduct of a player and official as provided for and punished by article 12 paragraph 1 (k) of the FECAFOOT Disciplinary Code.

 By punching the referee of the match between his team and Stade Renard of Melong, the committee ordered that his suspension as a result for the subsequent fifteen (15) games, excludes the game from which he is already disqualified due to the referee's red card in the previous game;

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The committee notifies the person in question that they have ten (10) days after receiving notice of the decision to ask for its reasons.

The decision shall become final and binding. He shall be presumed to have abandoned his right to appeal per article 51, paragraph 3 of the FECAFOOT Disciplinary Code of July 13, 2021, if the reasons are not requested within the allotted period, according to the commission's ruling.

If the person in question is not happy with the verdict, he has ten days to file an appeal.

This event is not unique, as players and club officials have recently attacked several match officials for various reasons.

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