Roger Milla Offers Advice to Eto'o

African football icon and FIFA legend Albert Roger Milla has offered some advice to Cameroon's football federation president, Samuel Eto'o Fils. 

Roger Milla made the call while granting an interview to Royal FM, a radio station based in Yaoundé. He spoke on various issues affecting Cameroon football, including a supposed rift between former Cameroon Internationals.

 Roger Milla Offers Advice to Eto'o

According to the 1990 world cup hero, there is no justification for excluding some former indomitable lions in our football management. "When we decided to put this federation led by former footballers in place, we had to meet afterward to put the basics of the management of our football. But that was never done due to a misunderstanding." He said on Royal FM.

Roger Milla offers Advice to Eto'o

Milla suggested that there is a "clash of generations" between those who won the Olympic games in 2000 and those who played at the historic 1990 world cup. Something he said is laughable because the Olympic games are for "children."

He advised Samuel Eto'o, stating, "It's time for us to meet again because it is inadmissible that all the older players are excluded from the federation."

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Roger Milla, however, threw his support behind the current FECAFOOT president, saying, "It's disturbing to see him (Samuel Eto'o) being criticized, rightly or wrongly, on social media platforms. He must do it (call the meeting of former players)." 

Roger Milla offers advice to Eto'o

Roger Milla is the oldest player to score at a FIFA world cup, managing the feat at 42 years. He is a roving ambassador for Cameroon.

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