Three Cameroonian Clubs To Receive 230 Million Francs From FIFA

 FIFA will pay $401,515 to three Cameroonian Clubs for allowing their players to participate in the 2022 FIFA world cup in Qatar.

Three Cameroonian Clubs To Receive 230 Million Francs From FIFA
Jerome Mbekeli And Bryan M'buemo Celebrate with Aboubakar  

Three Cameroonian Clubs To Receive 230 Million Francs From FIFA

The source of the FIFA player fund is its $7.5 billion commercial earnings generated over a 4-year cycle. 

A total of 440 clubs from 51 countries will benefit from the player fund.

Which Cameroonian Clubs Will Benefit From The Player Fund?

Three Cameroonian clubs will benefit from the player fund thanks to the participation of Marou Soauibou, last year's winner of Cameroon's Ballon d'Or award, and Jerome Mbekeli, the player who provided the assist for Aboubakar's goal in Cameroon's historic win over Brazil. 

The 401, 515 jackpot will be shared as follows:
  • Coton Sports of Garoua - $219 008 ( 128 000 000CFA F)
  • Colomb du Dja et Lobo - $109,504 (64 000 000 CFA F)
  • Apejes de Mfou - $71,002  ( 41 000 000 CFA F)

The player fund is allocated such that each player is entitled to $10,905 per day spent in the competition, irrespective of the minutes played. 

Each player's allocation is shared amongst clubs the player has played for over the last two seasons. 

Who were the Highest Beneficiaries of the FIFA player fund?

A total of 18 African Clubs will benefit from the FIFA player fund, amounting to about $4. 57 million. 

Moroccan club Wydad Casablanca earned the highest revenue [$1,405,305] among the African clubs after Tunisia's 4th place finish in the 2022 World Cup.

England had the highest number of beneficiaries, with 46 clubs receiving payments ($37,713,297 in total) followed by clubs from Spain, Germany, Italy, and France. 

Manchester City, FC Barcelona, and Bayern Munich were the three clubs that benefitted the most and will receive $4,596,445, $4,538,955, and $4,331,809, respectively.

Under the agreement signed earlier this year by FIFA and the European Club Association (ECA), at least  $355 million will be dished out to clubs whose players will part in the 2026 and 2030 editions of the World Cup, a significant increase from the $209 million that was given out this year. 

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