Was The North West Regional League The Best in Cameroon This Season?

The North West Regional Football League proved to be one of the best in Cameroon this season, attracting plaudits from football fans both in and out of the country. 

Was The North West Regional League The Best in Cameroon This Season?

The level of organization, fan engagement and a VAR introduction made the North West Regional League an attractive proposition, even for the Neutrals. 

Was The North West Regional League The Best in Cameroon This season?
Display of Trophies, Moments to Kick-off of Regional Final

So What Made The NWRFL League So Special This Season?

According to the president of FECAFOOT North West Mbigha Njah Felix, the North West office of the Cameroon Football Federation has received a healthy dose of positive feedback from their peers this season. 

" We can all attest to the fact that the Northwest Regional League has produced the best outcome in Cameroon this season, we put in the work and brought about the innovation for this success" Mr Felix to Hippoinfos.com

With this in mind, Hippoinfos.com has come up with an attempted explanation as to what made the North West Regional League such an attraction this season. Read on for a comprehensive analysis.

Innovation in Community/Fan Outreach

For the first time, the North West Regional League boosted an outreach of thousands of virtual and live fans for their various games. 

During the Regional Finals between Bafmeng United FC and Bang Bullet FC, the University of Bamenda Sports Arena was packed with fans who came from all parts of town to watch the showpiece game. 

Also, a number of Key games were streamed live and hundreds of football lovers were able to watch live through the social Media handles of the North West Regional League. 

The games were streamed live thanks to the installation modern computing system that supported live coverage with multiple angles.

This outreach attracted the interest of football lovers who appreciated the North West Team for their efforts in promoting viewership of the league for football fans at home and abroad. 

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The Introduction of VAR And a Powerful Communication System 

The North West Regional League became the first Football  League in Cameroon to make use of the Video Assistant Referee. 

The VAR was first used in a semi-final encounter Between Bafmeng United and Tubah United. 

Video assistance came in during the second half of the encounter when a Bafmeng United player appeared to have knocked down his opponent a situation that was not keenly followed-up the officials.

The referee moved over to the VAR screen to check the offense and saved Bafmeng United a red card which was his initial decision to issue a yellow card.

The VAR innovation was widely praised by all and sundry including FECAFOOT President, Samuel Eto'o Fils who on Instagram took out time to appreciate, the players, coaches, and North West Team for their Innovation in the League and promotion of Cameroon Football. 

Massive Sponsorship

Was The North West Regional League The Best in Cameroon This season?
Image: FECAFOOT President Poses with MOTM Bengal Parker, and Prize Donor

This season, the North West received a massive array of sponsorship coming from fans and companies, and organizations. 

The most interesting part is that a the majority of teams could function with the help of their sponsors rather than be dependent on FECAFFOT North West. 

More established clubs like Bang Bullet, Hilltop Strikers, Bafmeng United, Nsoh United, and Tubah United sailed through with the help of massive fan support and sponsorship. 

Sponsorship equally came in the form of cash prizes, football Jerseys, and other football gear to meritorious players, coaches, and technicians at the end of the finals. 

Award of Certificates to 16 Federal license B Coaches 

Was The North West Regional League The Best in Cameroon This Season?
New Federal License B Coaches With Their Certificates

During the Finals of the North West Regional League, FECAFOOT Awarded 16 new licenses to trained License B coaches who will be taking over the baton from retiring coaches and bringing in new teams into the league. 

The awards which were handed over by the Governor of the North West Region will go a long way to increase the strength of teams and improve the overall quality of the Northwest Regional League. 

A Strong Administrative Support

The Governor of the North West Region His Excellency Adolphe Lele L'Afrique at the finals of the North Regional League performed a remarkable sporting Kick off, that was captured and shared all over the country and beyond. 

His Sprint and kickoff added a light-hearted touch to the finals and thrilled fans who did not believe his sporting abilities. The fans cheered him as he sprinted towards the ball and gave the go ahead with a symbolic kick-off. 

Final Words

So here we are, the North West Regional Football League despite its late, late kick-off, turned out to be the best till date.

All what's left is the small matter of the National Interpools which runs from 15th to 30th July in Yaounde ,where the Region's Champion, Bafmeng United will be competing for a place in the ELITE TWO Championship next season. 

The football family of the Northwest will be hoping that Bafmeng United  crowns this historic season with an ELITE TWO ticket.

What's more? We all can't wait for when there'll be proper infrastructure for the practice of football in this region of the most passionate fans to enjoy the sport we all Love. 

Until then, God Luck to Bafmeng United!

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