FIFA WWC 2023: Japan Leads the Race for the Golden Boots

Among 32 teams that participated in the FIFA Women's World Cup tournament, Japan is currently leading the race for the golden boots.

After 3 clean sheets in 3 games played in Group C of the tournament,  Japan scored a total of 11 goals, recording 9 points to seal their qualification to the Round of 16.

The Nadeshiko opener at the ongoing tournament saw them thrash the Copper Queens of Zambia 5-0. Japan carried their confidence to the next match as they outclassed Costa Rica by 2-0. 

The girls of coach Futoshi Ikeda stunned the world with a ruthless 4-0 win against 2nd FIFA Ranking country Germany 4-0.

FIFA WWC 2023: Japan Leads the Race for the Golden Boots

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Hinata Miyawaza, who struck twice against Germany to secure the top spot in Group C for her side, has been instrumental to the team in the goalscoring sector. 

The twenty-three-year-old forward Hinata Miyawaza has netted a total of 5 goals in the tournament so far and is now a contender for the golden boot, amongst others. 

Japan continues to be in impressive form as they also beat Norway 3-1 to advance to the Quarterfinals of the competition. They haven't lost any matches so far in the competition.

FIFA WWC 2023: Race For Golden Boots

Hinata Miyawaza
Hinata Miyawaza

  1. Hinata Miyawaza - Japan- 5 goals,  1 assist.
  2. Alexandra Popp - Germany - 4 goals, 0 assists 
  3. Lauren James - England -  3 goals, 3 assists
  4. Ary Borges Brazil -  3 goals, 1 assist
  5. Amanda Iiestedt - Sweden -   3 goals, 1 assist
  6. Kadidiatou Dani - France - 3 goals, 0 assist
  7. Sophie Haugh - Norway - 3 goals, 0 assist
  8. Jill Roord - Netherlands -  3 goals, 0 assists
  9. Aitana Bonmati - Spain - 3 goals

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