Unisport de Haut Nkam President Donald Ngameni Banned for Life!

The President of Unisport of Haut Nkam, Donald Ngameni, has been handed a lifetime ban from all football-related activities. 

Unisport de Haut Nkam President Donald Ngameni Banned for Life!

Unisport de Haut Nkam President Donald Ngameni Banned for Life!

The sanction was made public following a communique by the Ethics Committee of the Cameroon Football Federation, FECAFOOT, on Monday, September 4, 2023.

Who is Donald Ngameni?

Donald Ngameni is a Cameroonian Football administrator and businessman. The 28-year-old shook the football world when he became president of the mythical club Unisport of Haut on 3rd September 2022. 

He is also the Chief executive officer of Group Star Africa, a conglomerate with operations in different commercial sectors.

Ngameni was actually a professional footballer, but his career was cut short by persistent injuries. 

The Unisport President has been a vocal critic of the current FECAFOOT administration led by former Barcelona and Inter striker Samuel Eto’o Fils. 

Ngameni has called for the resignation of the FECAFOOT President on several occasions.

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Why was Donald Ngameni Sanctioned? 

Donald Ngameni was found guilty of violating some sections of articles 13 & 21 relating to general misconduct and corruption. 

In fact, Donald Ngameni was found guilty of defrauding a certain Cameroonian footballer by the name of Jean-Paul Makasso, who plays for FC Luxemburg City.

Ngameni made promises of securing a spot for the player in the National, promises which were never fulfilled.

This led to Makasso filing a complaint to the Ethics Committee of FECAFOOT in an attempt to recover the money that he paid Mr. Ngameni for now failed promises from the embattled Unisport President.

The sanction, which includes a 10 million Francs fine, was signed by a panel of Tomo Bernabe (vice President), Emaha Bertin (rapporteur), and Bakongo Anastasie (member).

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