NorthWest Regional League Launch Date Finally Announced

The long-awaited North West regional league has been announced to kick start come Saturday, April 22, 2023. 

NorthWest Regional League Launch Date Finally Announced

 NorthWest Regional League Launch Date Finally Announced 

The announcement was made public on the official Facebook page of the league through a communique from the Secretary General of Fecafoot Northwest, Ndi Tsembom Elvis. 

The league will be launched at the University of Bamenda with the opening match between last season's winners Hilltop Strikers and FC Bamenda, at 2:00pm.

The league this season will have 32 teams as follows:

Pool A

  • Hilltop Strickers
  • FC Bamenda
  • Santos FC
  • Dream Soccer Academy
  • Nkwen FC
  • Donga United
  • Tuba United
  • St. Brice FC

Pool B

  • Bang Bullet FC
  • Option Sports
  • Bafmeng United
  • Vision Sports
  • Highland Rangers
  • Nso United
  • Grace of Hope
  • Benakuma FC

Pool C

  • Rainbow FC
  • Abakwa Boys
  • Kilum Mt FC
  • SIMAF FA Mbengwi
  • Tondic FC
  • Ngoketunjia United
  • Family Warriors
  • Moghamo Sports Academy

Pool D

  • Kumbo Strikers
  • Rush FM FC
  • Sopocam Rush
  • Dream Team
  • Vision Athletics
  • Akam Sports Academy
  • All Stars Academy
  • Rockland FC Belo

The opening game will be officiated by the following officials;

Ref: Circus Tanwie

A1: Tufoin Feliberth 

A2: Ngebenui Mercy

4th: Asangbe Rachide

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