Avion Academy Vs UMS LOUM Abandoned After Administrative Blunder

The MTN ELITE ONE match between Avion Academy and UMS Loum which was scheduled for Thursday 05th October 2023 was abandoned due to a number of administrative shortcomings from UMS Loum. 

Avion Academy Vs UMS LOUM Abandoned After Administrative Blunder
Pierre Batamak, President Of Avion Academy

Avion Academy Vs UMS LOUM Abandoned After Administrative Blunder

The game, initially scheduled to start at 1:30pm was delayed after officials of  Avion Academy refused to allow the game proceed due to a lack of Player licenses from UMS Loum. 

According to the President of Avion Academy, Pierre Batamak, his team is ready to start the season and play every opponent, but they must follow all the rules of the game as stated by FECAFOOT. 

UMS was also found guilty of violating the prescriptions of the Federation with respect to player jerseys.

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Negotiations with match officials were futile and the game was eventually abandoned leaving the fans disappointed. 

The final decision about the outcome of the game is now left in the hands of the League authorities.

"We want to play football and there is a need for salaries of players to be paid. We just want rules and regulations to be respected. 

If FECAFOOT asks us to replay the match, we are available but if they say they won’t replay, there is no problem." 

In his defense, the player manager and representative of UMS Loum Amadou Fontem Tigana, expressed the fact that his team had a rough start in the preparations for the tournament struggled to make it for the match and so deserved to play. 

" Our Licenses came out late this morning, and we could get just 13 players to play. But we decided to take up the challenge and play, but Avion stepped back". 

The official added that he was confident in the boys that he expected to grab 3 points from the encounter. 

" We should not go to the court every day, we should play football on the pitch and decide the winners on the pitch. If you have a good team then you should come to the pitch and play", Fontem added. 

Avion Academy plays against Fovu de Baham on Sunday 8th September while UMS Loum is programmed to face the Cameroon Cup holders the following weekend.

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