National Interpools 2023: Sports Journalists Give Feedback And Expectations

Bafmeng United Football Academy has started their National Interpools with a bang, registering two wins in as many games, the only team to do so in the competition after the first two round of games. 

National Interpools 2023: Sports Journalists Give Feedback And Expectations

National Interpools 2023: After BUFA's Impressive Start, Sports Journalists Give Feedback And Expectations  

The Proud Boys of Ndeghum Spear have surprised most at 2023  National Interpools in Yaoundé playing with the poise and maturity of a team that is destined for big things.

After taking the commitment to represent the North West Region and keep the flag flying, the Lemon Green boys have stood their ground on a two-match winning streak. 

With the support of hundreds of Football lovers from the North West including the Governor of the North West Region His Excellency Adolphe Lele L'Afrique.

The FECAFOOT North West Bureau is led by Mbigha Njah Felix, and with a huge contingent of fans and supporters from within and out of Yaounde, the North West is beginning to dream of a third team in the ELITE CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Hippoinfos spoke to some Journalists in Yaoundé and back in the North West region who have been following BUFA's performances closely as they took out time to analyze Bafmeng United's Journey and make predictions about their future. 

1. Biwah MacBryan Ndofor (Photojournalist and founder of MC Sports). 

Biwah MacBryan Ndofor : "BUFA means business"

" I don't think many people gave  Bafmeng United a qualifying chance for the National Interpools, at least not until they defeated pre tournament favourites, Bang Bullet of Nkambe.

They also overcame Rockland FC of Belo in the Quarter Finals, Tubah United in the Semi's and a team which everyone thought was going to represent the region Bangbullet FC of Nkambe in the mini-interpools finals. 

That was when we saw that BUFA meant Business" 

According to him, Bafmeng has the possibility of making it through the group stages, but they may face difficulty at the level of the Semi-Finals. 

He added that with the help of the fans, Bafmeng has chances to pull through to the Elite 2 and open the doors for massive change in North West Football. 

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2. Tantan Patience (prominent football blogger, promoter, and Vice President of Division 2 female Football club Precious Ladies). 

Tantan Patience: "we are going to witness a massive influx of North West fans into Yaoundé..."

" Bafmeng United's win over Bang Bullet in the finals of the North West mini-interpools sent schockwaves to a lot of fans in the NW region, which they can only confirm now. 

They started the competition with faith, followed their gut and today we are looking at a team that is top of their group in the National Interpools with Two wins out of two. 

If Bafmeng continued like this, we are going to witness a massive influx of North West fans into Yaoundé, to support them in their quest to get to the Elite 2". 

3. Mboh Promise (Sports writer for the Guardian Post Newspaper )

Mboh Promise : "The team is going strong, but they need more force and concentration to sail through to Elite 2"

" Bafmeng United came up with a very good and experienced team. 

The likes of goalkeeper Leonard Ngam, Enah Ashu, Sone God'swill Epanlo, and Bengal Parker have made it easy for North West fans to put their faith in Bafmeng United. 

The team is going strong, but they need more force and concentration to sail through to Elite 2".

So far, Bafmeng United has recorded the best performance at the National Interpools with a lead in group B. 

After two games played, Bafmeng has won two, earned 6 points, scoring five goals and conceding just one strike. 

Enoh Ashu and Sone God'swill Epanlo are making the headlines with the goals.

Bafmeng United Remaining Group Fixtures

  • Bafmeng United FC vs Pouma FC (20/ 07/2023)
  • Bafmeng United FC vs Ngaoundéré FC (22/ 07/2023 )

A win against Pouma FC will guarantee Bafmeng top spot in Group B and a semi-final match against the 2nd qualifying team in Group A. 

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